The following are posted for reference use only.  They were done by “von Reck” in the 1730s as he traveled along the Savannah River.  All images are available online, and a great source for most of them are from Von Reck’s Voyage; Drawings and Journal of Philip Georg Friedrich von Reck.  Edited by Kristian Hvidt, Savannah, The Beehive Press, 1980.  This is an excellent, relatively recently discovered source of images and information.  Copies were provided free to public libraries in Georgia, and should be available through Interlibrary Loan elsewhere, but you should purchase a copy if you can.

Online versions available from the Royal Danish Center for Manuscripts and Rare Books here.

Blanet image 1

Image from "Indians going a-hunting"

(Above) Facing page 126:  “4: A woolen blanket like a horsecloth”…

“Most of the clothes are homemade, but evidence of trade can be seen on the man in the middle [image above], who carries a blanket made in England.  The indians could get such a horsecloth in Charles Town for two deerskins.”

Blanket from "King and Queen of Uchi"

(Above) Facing page 128: “The Indian King and Queen of the Yuchis, Senkaitschi.”

“(6) A woolen blanket” “The king wears a buffalo skin, the queen wears a British blanket from Charles Town.”

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