Living in Southwest Georgia, near what is now called Muckalee creek, you are surrounded by reminders of the people who once lived here.  Those reminders are embedded in the  folklore, artifacts, and place names the members of the Creek Confederacy left behind when they were “removed” in the 1830’s.

The primary cultural groups existing in this area that is now Southwest Georgia in the mid 18th century were the members of the Creek Confederacy (Cusseta, Coweta, Chiaha, among others), the Yuchi, and a limited number of Shawnee.  By the 1750’s these people had migrated east, then moved back west to the Chattahoochee and Flint areas in order to put some distance between their villages and the encroaching European settlers.

The Amohkali (Muckalee), Kinchafoonee, Lanahassee, and other creeks were part of the Flint River drainage inhabited by the people in the 18th and 19th centuries.

I’ve built this site to share research I’ve done, either traditional document & material goods research or hands on “experimental/experiential archaeology”. I hope to help people develop accurate, respectful portrayals for historical interpretation via this information, or just to learn more about a people who aren’t always able to teach us themselves because of the loss of their ancestral home land and the fact that written history didn’t exist for them until after their culture had changed forever.

As my interest in “primitive technology”, especially archery grew, it became important to me to understand the whole thing — the culture, material goods, and history that had such an impact on the modern South. That interest led me along this garden path that has become an obsession, even a lifestyle, in some ways.

This information will hopefully be helpful to re-enactors, those interested in living history or history in general. I strive to add things as my interests and research lead me — I have had a long standing interest in dogs and their relationships with humans, so have included research in that area, for example.

I will post images, text, and photos as they are available if they are useful for documenting material goods or life ways of the period. If these pages help you learn, broaden your point of view, or find information, consider it repayment for those who have helped me learn, and repay me and them by sharing your knowledge with others. As additional content is created, it will be added to the site. If you have corrections or additions you’d like to see, please feel free to email me.

About Me

I am Wynne Eden, a re-enactor, historical interpreter, living historian or “period trekker”, if you prefer. In this endeavor, I often portray a  Lower Creek from one of the talvas in what is now Southwest GA during the mid 18th century. As one of the leaders of a group of reenactors actively researching and portraying His Majesty’s Southern Department of Loyal Indian Allies, I portray several different people in several time periods.  Our group covers much of the Southeastern US, so we are called to portray Cherokee, Muscogee, Chickasaw, and Catawba peoples as well.

At times, I interpret at sites as either a member of the First Troop of Rangers, Georgia or as other various European personas.  As woodworking is one of my hobbies, I include that whenever I can.