This page is just pictures of me. Kinda self gratuitous, huh? It’s intended to give some idea of how clothing looks when it is worn, as a breechclout, shirt or leggings are hard to really understand when lying on a flat surface. There are other images that will help you understand how various items of gear are used/worn on our Southern Indian Department site

Fort Dobbs, Statesville, NC Spring, 2011

Fort Dobbs, Spring 2011. Horn , Otter skin pouch, small Hair fob from Jason Melius, peace medal, some brass bracelets, paint, and checked shirt, along with my trade gun.  You can’t see the nose bob that was made by Ward Oles of At the Eastern Door.  Except for otherwise noted, I made the items except for the gun and peace medal.  Not sure who took this photo – if you took it, and would like credit (or to have it removed), please contact me.

Fund raiser for the Living History Park during “Under the Crown”, North Augusta, SC, June 2009. Portraying Emistisiguo, a Creek leader loyal to the British during the American Revolution. This is a roughly mid-war time period, late 1770s. Though the garb is not an attempt at a specific year, some items/styles are specifically a little later.Wearing wool breechclout and fingerwoven leg ties (both from Nathan Kobuck), scalplock, trade shirt, wool leggings, decorated pucker-toe moccasins, a sash, and the peace medal carriage I made. Also decked out in a matchcoat given to me by David Mott that is inspired by the Parson’s image of Cunne Shotte (posted on the site here), my bird pipe (bowl made by Yamassee Hokte), swan wing (this is a peaceful occasion), silver ear bobs by Ward Oles and others. My hair has a large fingerwoven hairfob in it that I got from Jason Wolz. I am also wearing a silver nose ‘bob’, silver armbands and bracelets (maker unknown) and several brass trade rings made by Joseph Privott. The minimal paint I’m wearing is purely decorative – some on my head, a few lines at my eyes.

Fort Dobbs’ Trade Fair, October 2009 – Ruffled linen shirt, scalp lock, wool ‘clout, leather leggings, beaded leg ties, neck knife, twined bag on hip with some basic items in it, prisoner tie around my waist in leiu of a sash or leather belt.

Also Fort Dobbs’ Trade Fair ’09: Checked shirt, red stroud ‘clout, and a ball-head war club this time, as I’m collecting a renegade Cherokee from the fort garrison.

Fort Dobbs’ Trade Fair ’09 again – as the “Micco” during a trade talk with the North Carolinians. Crowder made the horned diadem based on period images. Wearing the standard – scalplock; ball and cone earrings, nose bob, peace medal, neck knife, linen ruffle shirt, and paint. This recreation of an historical event had the Catawbas fully painted for their trip through what could have been hostile territory for them had they been mistaken for Cherokee.

North Augusta, June 2009 – lean to behind me, with gourds, horn/bag, etc hanging from it. Wool leggings, knife, peace medal, scalplock, linen shirt (way too big), and no mocs – it was in the 90’s that weekend, so we didn’t wear much on our feet. I am wearing a ‘clout; you just can’t see it for the shirt.

Fort Dobbs’ War for Empire event, 2008. We were doing storytelling, then going to a “war council”, so painted up beforehand.Natural linen shirt, pattern from “Thoughts on Men’s Shirts”. Wool leggings, beaded garters, trade wool breechclout, wool matchcoat. I have my favorite pipe – a bird effigy – with a very long stem, my pipe bag tucked into a prisoner tie that I’m using as a belt. Wearing my Peace medal and neck knife, I have three pairs of ear bobs in each ear, and am wearing several brass bracelets. My hair is in a scalplock with three braids. A cane tube is on one, small hair fob on the largest, and I have a turkey tail feather or two just randomly tucked into the braids. It was cool and rather cloudy, so the colors came out more garish then they really are.

Westville 2004 Raid on Shepherd’s Plantation event. Wearing a blue checked shirt of an early 19th c. pattern. As this is a 19th c. event, I’m wearing a simple turban, wool leggings, beaded leg ties, and a pointed, blue edged red wool breechcloth. Though a rather late event for them, I’m using my neck knife, twined bag (that shouldn’t be my shot pouch, but is for this event, and carrying my trade gun. The short sash I’m wearing is my son’s, and is only there because I left my belt at home that weekend. I also have a prisoner harness around my waist, dangling down in front. You can’t see my deer hide center seam moccasins in the undergrowth. Black and vermillion face and some body paint, pairs of ear and nose bobs, trade bead necklace complete the ensemble. Photo courtesy of Xenia and Gary Kemp (thanks to both of you)

Mid 1700’s garb and accoutrement. Trade shirt, neck knife, bow, quiver, shot pouch, trade beads, red ochre, black paint mixed with bear oil, ball and cone earbobs, nose ring with floating ball, hair cut in style documented by early Georgia paintings. I was unable to wear my contacts that day, sadly. Photo taken at Raid on the Watauga, Rocky Mount Historical Museum, Johnson City, TN, 2002. Courtesy Bob Ruegsegger

Early 1800’s garb and accoutrement. Trade shirt, leather leggings, simple cloth turban with “heron” feather, tomahawk, ochre and wood charcoal mixed with bear oil face paint. Photo from Raid on Shepherd’s Plantation, Westville, Lumpkin, GA, 2002. Photo Courtesy Terri