Here are links to pages and blog postings — all but one of which is my own — with somewhat random information that pertain to this living history pursuit, to “Experiential/Experimental Archaeology” or that someone has asked me about enough to make me think it has broader interest.  Some pages are instructions, some expansion on other people’s instructions. If I owe you credit for the inspiration, please email me and I’ll gladly give you proper credit.

Recreating a twined pack bag from von Reck

Finding sources for red ochre face paint

Bare Minimum Kit – what you need to get started, or even how to lighten your load in general.

Making sure someone can find you if you get lost – filing a “trek itinerary”

Gathering and refining pitch

DIY grease for my flintlock, chapped hands, or whatever.

Rendering Bear (or any other) fat

Text of: An Account of some of the principal Dies employed by the North-American Indians. Extracted from a paper, by the late Mr. Hugh Martin

Where can I find information about making tumplines?

Making hominy – from the cob to the plate

Parching hominy

One of the hardest parts of being a native reenactor is shavin’ parts you’re not used to…

A Feather for your cap…or hair… or pipestem.

1001 (not really) things to use instead of charcloth

Rolling your own cartridges

Dying hair-based fibers for crafts or clothing

Finding your correct hat size

Tips on constructing prisoner ties/halters

Gauge/caliber and ball size chart

A Braintan Short Course – quick cheat sheet for braintanning, alum tanning, and making rawhide.

Adhesives and finishes

Primitive Archery

Native Tech, Tara Prindle’s site, has lots of instructional pages.