Whether you choose to portray a native, seamstress, soldier, servant or governor, you have to figure out who and when you are.

The posts below should help with that process. .

Getting Started in Native Reenacting – what it takes to get to your first event, and some things to look for – or look out for.

What to take Trekking – descriptions of what I prefer to carry when in the woods, either solo or with a group.

“Bare Minimum” kit – what’s the least you need to show up at an event?  How much should it cost?

My Portrayal – the background behind the person I generally portray at 7 Year’s War (mid 18th century) events.

Groups supporting Native portrayals at 18th century events – the beginnings of a list of groups – at least all I know of.

A Modest Proposal? Some Thoughts on Authenticity – Alan Gutchess’ 12 step program for achieving authenticity. (offsite link opens in a new window).

The "council house" at New Ebenezer, outside Savannah, GA