Here are some useful references for both Southeastern Native American (SENA) reenactors and reenactors in general.  Many of these items are currently in print or widely available from used sources, but some are old enough to have entered the public domain. Try using the links to WorldCat included with each item to find the library closest to you that has listed the book as being in their collections. You might also try your local library’s Interlibrary Loan if you can’t find them within driving distance or for sale, or if you’d like to read it before you buy.  To get solid information for interlibrary loan, get the complete bibliographic information from the Library of Congress’ Online catalog:, or from the WorldCat lists above. In general, I have only included items that I have read.  Many of these I own, and am comfortable recommending them to people.

Southeastern Native American history, material culture, and lifeways

Colonial History, Material Culture and lifeways


Mythology, Legend, and Oral History

You may also want to check the reading lists I’m putting together on WorldCat.  I haven’t read all of the books on these, but they’re worth taking a look at, and they get updated a little more frequently as I run across new things.  Access them via this post.