Select bibliography of primitive archery sources in print. The works cited are intended to primarily focus on Southeastern Native American archery since 1700, but older information is available in many of these sources, as is information from other cultures and eras. (This is from the old site, and needs updating)

How-to books

  • Bows and Arrows of the Native Americans. Hamm, Jim. New York, Lyons Press, 1989 (Ideal if you can only buy one book)
  • Traditional Bowyer’s Bible, Vols 1-3. Allely, Steve, Tim Baker, Paul Comstock, et al. Azle, TX Bois D’arc Press, 1992 (The set is an exhaustive study of primitive/native archery as of the early 1990s. If you have the money and interest, buy the complete set.)
  • American Indian Archery, Laubin, Reginald, and Gladys Laubin. Norman, OK, Univ. of Oklahoma Press, 1980. (So-so. Focuses most on Plains culture group. There are better sources for information, and the Laubins are more interested in the end product than authenticity, but the information related about native shooting and instinctive shooting is very interesting.)
  • Hunting with the Bow & Arrow. Pope, Saxton
  • Bows and Arrows. Pope, Saxton. University of California Press, 1962.
  • The Art of Flint Knapping. Waldorf, D.C. 1993
  • Primitive Archer Magazine. Luther, Monroe, ed. Houston, TX (

If you’re interested in Southeastern Native American Archery, see especially articles in the following issues of Primitive Archer:

§ ­Volume 2, Issue 3-The Simple “D” bow

§ ­Volume 3, Issue 2-Red Mulberry, Excellent Bow Wood

§ ­Volume 3, Issue 4-Black Locust Bows

§ ­Volume 4, Issue 4-Seminole One-Fletch, Straightening Cane

§ ­Volume 5, Issue 1-SE Indian Two Fletch

§ ­Volume 6, Issue 1-Creek Moccasins (not archery, but a pretty good pattern)

§ ­Volume 6, Issue 3-SE Indian Four Fletch

§ ­Volume 6, Issue 4-The Metal Cone Arrow Point


  • Native American Bows, Arrows, & Quivers, Volume . 1, Northeast, Southeast, and Midwest. Allely, Steve and Jim Hamm. New York, Lyons Press, 1999 (Lots of drawings taken from museum exhibits, done by primitive archers.)
  • The Indians of the Southeastern United States. Swanton, John R. Reprint of #137 Bureau of American Ethnology Bulletin #137. Smithsonian Institution (various dates-buy a used reprint from Amazon or other source, but buy it! It should cost $20-40 used. Primary “jumping off point” for further research into any aspect of Southeastern Indian culture.)
  • Antiquities of the Southern Indians, Particularly of the Georgia Tribes. Jones, Charles C. Jr. Reprinted by University of Alabama Press, Tuscaloosa, 1999. (Great source for those interested in pre 1800 items of the Southeastern tribes, mostly stone tools, as they survived. Focuses mostly on GA. Copies available from online sources usually.)


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