Below are references and links for 18th century colonial-focused  works in print, primarily those focusing on clothing/textiles and weapons.  They serve as reference for European-provided goods made available to Native people through trade and gifts.  Others are simply items of interest.  I will sort them by topic over the next few weeks.  You can click on the title of a book to be taken to WorldCat, which will provide edition information and a list of libraries that hold the book, sorted by distance from your location.
Baumgarten, Linda, John Watson, and Florine Carr. Costume Close-Up: Clothing Construction and Pattern, 1750-1790. Williamsburg, Va: Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, in association with Quite Specific Media Group, New York, 1999.

Bouchard, Russel. The Fusil De Tulle in New France, 1691-1741. Historical arms series, no. 36. Alexandria Bay, N.Y.: Museum Restoration Service, 1998.

Burnston, Sharon Ann. Fitting & Proper: 18th Century Clothing from the Collection of the Chester County Historical Society. Texarcana, Tex: Scurlock Pub. Co, 1998.

Cashin, Edward J. A Wilderness Still the Cradle of Nature: Frontier Georgia : a Documentary History. Savannah: Library of Georgia, 1994.

Cooke, Lawrence S. Lighting in America: From Colonial Rushlights to Victorian Chandeliers. New York: Main Street/Universe Books, 1976.

Gilgun, Beth. Tidings from the 18th Century. Texarkana, Tex: Rebel Pub. Co, 1993.

Grant, Madison. The Knife in Homespun America and Related Items: Its Construction and Material As Used by Woodsmen, Farmers, Soldiers, Indians, and General Population. [Glen Mills, Pa.]: M. Grant, 1984.

Hamilton, T. M., and Donald Baird. Colonial Frontier Guns. Chadron, Neb: Fur Press, 1980.

Hess, Karen, and Samuel G. Stoney. The Carolina Rice Kitchen: The African Connection. Columbia, S.C.: University of South Carolina Press, 1992.

Montgomery, Florence M. Textiles in America, 1650-1870: A Dictionary Based on Original Documents : Prints and Paintings, Commercial Records, American Merchants’ Papers, Shopkeepers’ Advertisements, and Pattern Books with Original Swatches of Cloth. New York: Norton, 1984.

Neumann, George C. Swords & Blades of the American Revolution. [Harrisburg, Pa.]: Stackpole Books, 1973.

Neumann, George C., Frank J. Kravic, and George C. Woodbridge. Collector’s Illustrated Encyclopedia of the American Revolution. Harrisburg, Pa: Stackpole Books, 1975.

Queen, Sally A. Textiles for Colonial Clothing: A Workbook of Swatches and Information. Arlington, Va: Q Graphics Production Co, 2000.

Tammen, Jo Ann. An Historical Tracing of American Women’s Shoes from Colonial Days with Identification Criteria for the Years 1890 to 1930. Thesis (M.S.)–Oklahoma State University, 1973, 1973.

If you have recommendations for additions to this list please email me at the address below or add information in the comments.


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