Tomochichi, headman of the Yamacraw near Savannah, GA and his nephew, painted in London, 1730s by Verelst.

Syacust Ukah, Cherokee , painted in London by Parsons, early 1760’s

Info from Pare Bowlegs, who sent me this image: “Copper engraving called “An American Prince”, which was done in 1722 from J. Kanold and J. Kundman. There were two Creek men (as far as I know of) that were taken to England by Capt. John Pight, who participated in the Yamasee War. It’s in Christian F. Feest’s book, The Cultures of Native North Americans

Cunne Shotte, Cherokee , painted in London by Parsons, early 1760’s

Woodcut of the “three Cherakee kings” printed in several London tabloids, early 1760’s.

“James Oglethorpe Presenting the Yamacraw Indians to the Georgia Trustees” – Tomochichi and other representatives of the Yamacraw people being presented to the Georgia Trustees in England, 1730’s. Also painted by Verelst.  It is in the Winterthur museum, London, and a reproduction hangs at Fort Frederica National Monument on St. Simon’s Island, GA.  Click image for full/larger version that shows all the people involved.  Further information on the painting can be found at the Georgia Info site.

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