Below are thumbnails of some of the significant native-focused drawings/paintings done by Philip von Reck in Georgia during his short stay in the early years of the colony. This is an excellent, relatively recently discovered source of images and information. Many of the images he created are available in Von Reck’s Voyage; Drawings and Journal of Philip Georg Friedrich von Reck.  Edited by Kristian Hvidt, Savannah, The Beehive Press, 1980.    Copies were provided free to public libraries in Georgia, and should be available through Interlibrary Loan elsewhere, but you should purchase a copy if you can–it’s well worth the money. Copies are available from:

Library of Georgia
c/o the Beehive Foundation
321 Barnard Street
Savannah, GA 31401
Click here to go to Beehive Press Website

The Danish Royal library has made the entire collection available online as well, via this link


“Is-ti a Creek.” not a lot of detail here, but note the pipe, possibly of European manufacture.


Senkaitschi- is this Tomochichi? Great detail on the tattoos.



“WarDance-Yuchi”. The second “von Reck shelter” image that also shows dance sticks, hairstyles, and some other interesting items

“Indian Camp” – one of the “von Reck” shelter images.  Notice the trade kettles.


“Two Indians” – this is based on other images of the period, most likely, as the bow looks nothing like any other images or descriptions, and the poses are very much like those from White.  There is consistency with other images, such as hairstyles and tatoos.


“Indians going hunting.”  Notice the blankets, clothing, and accoutrement.  I like the pack bags, tumplines, and gourd water bottle.




“King and Queen of Uchi.”  I have often wondered if Senkaitschi is “Tomochichi”.  The tatoos are the same as those in the Verelst painting, the name is close enough for bad Eurpean translations to fit.  Nice buffalo robe, wool leggings, and good view of the mocassin, breechclout, and woman’s trade wool skirt.


”Indian woman” -Yuchi.   interesting tattoos and hairstyle detail.


“Kipahalgwa” — Yuchi  Good image of trade shirt and leggings

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