1733: Treaty of Savannah May 21, 1733. Established between the Coweta and Cusseta and the English “Articles of Friendship and Commerce between the Trustees for Establishing the Colony of Georgia in America and the Chief Men of the nation of the Lower Creeks”

1757: Treaty of Savannah. November 3, 1757 Permanently ratified the earlier treaties, including those entered into by Mary Bosomworth.

1763 Treaty of Augusta used trails and rivers to create the first defined line between the Creeks and the colony of Georgia.

1773 Creek and Cherokee debts to Georgians were assumed by the state in payment for the land. This included a small portion of North Georgia.

1782-1783 Land to the south and west of the Tugaloo and Savannah Rivers were ceded by the Cherokee and Creek. Both had laid claim to ownership.

1790 Alexander McGillivray, a mixed race Upper Creek ceded land from the Altamaha to the Oconee in The Treaty of New York, signed by President George Washington.

Available online at: http://www.cviog.uga.edu/Projects/gainfo/crtreaty.htm  This list does not include the treaty of Augusta.

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