If you are into research, and want to figure out where to find a book, a great resource is WorldCat.org (http://worldcat.org). If you create an account, you can create exportable lists of books, find out what local libraries have them in their collections, and even find places to buy them. If you dig, you can often find electronic versions of the docs as well.

I have created a bunch of different lists, and irregularly export them and load them to the Bibliography page (see the navigation bar above).

Here are a few lists I’ve created that might be of interest to readers of this website:

Southeastern Native People in general:

Southern Indian Department History:

Foodways, herbology and ethnobotany (not necessarily SE):

Native Dogs:

As with everything, I’m open to suggestions. Please comment or send email if you have┬árecommendations for any of these topics.

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