From: McDowell, William L. Colonial Records of South Carolina: Documents Relating to Indian Affairs, 1754-1765. Columbia, SC.  University of South Carolina Press.  p.483

[This would have been items returned to Ft. Prince George, in the upcountry of South Carolina.  The fort was among the lower Cherokees, and managed a certain amount of the trade and gifts with the Cherokees for the colony of South Carolina.]

A Return of Indian Presents received by Lieut. Richard Coytmore from
Ensign Lachlan Mackintosh

Fort Prince George, 14 April, 1759
4 Chests Trading Guns containing 100
II Trading Guns, and one broke
12 Blankets
6 Shirts
5 Brass Kettles
3 Tin Ditto
13 Doz. and three Knives
6 Belts
4 Looking Glasses
Some Hawks’ Bells
17-3/4 Yards Strouds
26-3/4 Yds. Oznabrigs
2-1/2 Lb. Paint
6 Indian Hangers
1-1/2 Gross Pea Buttons
4 Horn Combs
I Pr. Scissars

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