Letter of Thomas Forbes, September 28, 1783, to Bernardo del Campo, Spanish minister plenipotentiary in London, listing trade goods. Letter found in The Papers of Panton, Leslie, and Co., Reel I, April 25, 1738 through November 30, 1784.

[All spellings original]

Articles of British Manufacture absolutely necessary for the Indians inhabiting the Western frontier of East and West Florida in North America Viz:..–___ _

Coarse Woolen Gbods as follows. viz.
Blue and Red Strouds
Blankets of various kinds
Welsh plains or Negro Cloth and flannels
Coarse Yorkshire Broad Cloth
Garters of various kinds

Linen and Cotton Goods–viz.
___ (?) and coarse white linnen
check and striped Linnen and Cotton
printed, check and silk Handkerchiefs
Scotch osnaburgs and threads

Also the following articles
coarse sadles (?) with furniture (?) complete
____ thong, Leather shoes
Riffles and Smoothbored musketry,ยท very cheap
Gunpowder of a particular kind
Lead in Bars and Bullets
Gun Flints
Brass and Tin Kettles, cannisters and mugs
Iron pots (?) — Axes–Hoes–Hatchets
Carpenter and Cooper’s tools, Locks and hinges
Nails–Needles, Fish hooks, scissars
Knives, Razors, and (?)
Ribbons of the cheapest kinds
Silver trinkets for the ears, arms, necks
Vermillion and lamp black for painting
Small Dressing Glasses
Coarse tobacco and Pipes for smoaking
Coarse hatts for men ———–
Low priced Rum or Brandy–Salt and provisions which may be purchased there on the St. Johns and from Savannah.

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