I see questions about who to contact for information or participation in groups that support Native portrayals pretty regularly, so figured I’d start a list of those I know, and add to it as I could.

To start with, ’cause this is my site/blog, I will put in a plug for our organization: His Majesty’s Southern IndianDepartment http://southernindiandept.org/.

We specifically cover the lifespan of His Majesty’s Southern Indian Department, but participate in events that span a little before through the Rev. War officially, and our members cover a much wider range of time than that.

Here in the south, there are a few other groups. Forts Loudon and Toulouse have informal native groups that are part of their garrisons. Contact them via:

Fort Loudon: http://fortloudoun.com/
Fort Toulouse: http://www.fttoulousejackson.org/

There are a couple of mixed native/military groups that have tried to start up here in the south, usually associated with ranger groups – the East Florida Rangers (defunct as far as I know) and the West Florida Rangers come to mind. I do not have contact info for either.

Farther north, I know of four formal groups that are native-centric:

The Woodland Confederacy: http://www.concentric.net/~rowenna/woodland/
Colonel Campbell’s Indian Department: http://www.csmid.com/indiandepartment.html
Allies of Oquaga Yahoo! Group: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/AlliesofOquaga/

Eastern Woodland Alliance Yahoo! Group: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/EWA-2/


If you would like to have your group listed here, please contact me via email or the comments below.

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