As much as we’d like to have eagle feathers in our hair or hanging on our pipestems, it’s not legal in most cases. You can pick up repro eagle feathers from various places, but here are some legal feathers to use in your native ‘kit’:

Wild Turkey
Royal Palm Turkey
Domestic parrot/parakeet (think Carolina Parakeet)
Swan (if legal where you live)
Wild Quail, pigeon or Dove
Crow (check your state regulations, they may be controlled in your state)
For ear fluff, white chicken, goose or duck feathers work.

Places to find them include city parks (duck and goose feathers), friends who hunt, or your state Farmers’ Market Bulletin (call some of the exotic bird raising folks — they might give you some for free). There are also online vendors and the ever-popular eBay. A couple that I’ve had good experiences with are Claw Antler & Hide Co ( and Moscow Hide and Fur ( Both have pretty good prices. “Fluffs” for use as ‘down in ears is available from craft stores, but you’ll pick through a lot of more mature feathers to get the light, downy ones you want.

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