On the 18th of October (1733) the 7th year of the reign of our sovereign Lord George the Second, the Trustees of Georgia set the rates and prices of the goods for trade with the lower Creeks…..

Two yards of stroud – Five Buck-Skins,
One yard of plains – One Buck-Skin,
White blanket – One Buck-Skin,
Blue Blanket – Three Buck-Skins,
A gun – Ten Buck-Skins,
a pistol – Ten Buck-Skins,
A Gun Lock – Ten Buck-Skins,
Two measures of powder – One Buck-Skin,
Sixty bullets – One Buck-Skin,
One white shirt – One Buck-Skin,
Knife – One Doe-Skin,
Eighteen flints – One Buck-Skin,
Three Yards of cadiz – One Doe-Skin,
Three yards of gartering – One Doe-Skin,
One hoe – Two Buck-Skins,
One axe – Two Buck-Skins,
One large hatchet – Three Doe-Skins,
One small hatchet – One Buck-Skin,
Brass kettles per lb. – One Buck-Skin.
Doe-Skins were estimated at half the value of the bucks.

From: Capt. Hughes book “HISTORY OF GEORGIA” copyrighted 1811.”  Courtesy of Hardluck Humphries.

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